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Regional Conference By National Institute of Personnel Management, Delhi NCR Chapter

Business is changing, organization is changing, work is changing – where we work, when we work, how we work and who we work with, is changing at unprecedented speed. Central to these changes, is the empowered and increasingly independent employee requiring people processes to evolve from its historical role of process developer and maintainer, to an […]

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Chatbots, VR and AR Go to Work

Technology advancements and automation are impacting business functions, including HR, in a big way. The technology landscape is undergoing a major shift as completely digital workplaces emerge. Organizational systems are on the cloud, employees are encouraged to bring their own devices, bots and virtual assistants are deployed for customer and employee interactions, and automation is […]

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Skill Development for the Future

Skill development is a crucial requirement for any economy to stay globally competitive and provide a good quality of life to its residents. However, despite the understanding that skill development is necessary for the sustenance and growth of any country, there is a considerable lack of quality training and resources in India to develop the […]

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IoT for Workforce Effectiveness

Modern technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) has provided organizations with an opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of their workforce by increasing the efficiency of their processes and employee productivity. IoT can provide hassle-free integrated processes that require little or no human intervention and create a seamless flow of information that leads to an […]